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The Wife of Late Tanjungpinang’s Mayor Healed from Covid-19

Juriah Photo after healed from Cov-19
CENTRALNEWS.ID, TPI  –The Wife of Late Tanjungpinang’s Mayor, Juariah Healed from Covid-19. As reported by this media in the mid of April 2020, her husband was “The Mayor of Tanjungpinang, Syahrul died after being infected with the corona virus”.
“Juariah avowed recovered after tested by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test 10 times. This is happen after 52 days of home quarantine and the last two swabs on 3 and 4 June 2020, the results of the PCR examination of the two samples received this afternoon were stated to be negative,” said Task Force for the Acceleration of Covid 19 Tanjung Pinang, Rustam on Tuesday, 9th June 2020.
“Caused of the two consecutive negative samples, we declared the she cured of Covid-19,” he added.
Juariah was included in the Sei Ladi cluster with the late Mayor of Tanjungpinang, Syahrul. Also, Personal doctor initials DF, niece with initials RR and grandson initials HA. Those has  travel history, visited West Sumatra Province and Batam City.
In the same time, Rustam mentioned, until Tuesday 9th June 2020, there are total of 22 man have recovered from the Corona virus. Accumulatively the number of positive cases is 27 and cases of death are 3 people. (Ndn)

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